About Sherri...

Mom - Writer - Energy Healer

 If you had told Sherri Dmyterko a few years ago that she'd be channeling healing energy, she would have looked at you like you are nuts! This hard-working journalist, and mother had her nose to the grindstone, and was a certified workaholic. Then in 2006, everything changed...

Shocking personal loss within her family, coupled with a crippling workload sent Sherri searching for answers. She felt within every fibre of her being that there had to be more to life. Sherri felt such a strong urge to find something... but what? Following her heart, Sherri began an extensive search for answers... reading, learning about various modalities, talking with people from all over the world. 

What to Expect

During a session, Sherri feels the gateway open within her, with very strong energy flowing through her into the client. Sherri describes herself as an intuitive energy channeler. During a session, Sherri can see in her mind's eye how the energy is flowing in your body, where it's getting stuck, and where emotional baggage is sitting waiting to be unravelled. Sherri is very connected to higher sources of knowledge, and will often also bring forward important messages to help you in your healing process.

Time and again, Sherri finds that people experience profound joy, release of depression, and increased vitality following a session. To see a client experience this healing energy is akin to watching a flower blossoming into life.

It is truly beautiful to watch the transformation that takes place.

Session Info...

  • Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length.
  • You are fully-clothed, lying on a massage table.
  • It's very typical for many during a session to feel like they are sinking into a deep relaxation.
  • It's very typical for some people to fall fast asleep during a session.
  • Sherri is a friendly person that only wants the best for you. If you have questions, just ask. 

Sherri and her boys

Sherri and her boys