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 What does Sherri do? The short answer is that she channels a high frequency energy that shifts you into a better state of being. Sherri has seen this powerful energy help people with mental health issues, physical issues and just overall wellness if they feel a bit lost and drifting. Many thanks to everyone for sharing your testimonials! 

Client Testimonial - anonymous

January 30, 2020

"I am so grateful that you have come into my life. I felt the most peace I have felt in years and finally found my inner stillness again. You are very gifted. Thanks so much Sherri!"

Client Testimonial -anonymous 

February 18, 2019

Sharing client feedback... someone who wanted a bit of help with a sore neck and just overall rebalancing after going through a very busy period:

“Hey Sherri, oh my goodness, my neck pain is 50% gone, I had this weird skin sensitivity on my neck for 3 weeks and that's gone, and I haven't stumbled my words at all today after my session!”

It’s amazing how things can improve when we can clear away what’s preventing energy from flowing.

Client Testimonial -anonymous 

January 10, 2019


"So I think last night may have been the most powerful spiritual and psychological boost that I have received so far!  It is amazing how different everything seems/feels today, compared to the last few months!

After the initial huge wave of cold last night, followed by the heat treatment on my spine, I received. several more strong waves of cold in succession, sometimes from my feet towards my head, sometimes from my head to my feet.  There were also some waves of energy that were accompanied by comforting energies.  It felt pretty extreme; or it could be that I have become more sensitive?

I was pretty exhausted last night, and this morning as well, but am feeling much better now.  I definitely needed the boost.  Something nasty was stuck somewhere in there, and I think we got it cleared.  Thanks so much for your work!"

Client Testimonial -anonymous
September 28, 2018

​This is a bit of feedback following a client's very first session.

​"I’m feeling really good, happy and positive. I’m in a much better place than I was before our session. I feel tingly and lighter too. Not sure why but I’ll take it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Even with previous Reiki or meditation sessions. I’ll be making another appointment in the next few weeks. You are amazing at what you do. I think you have a gift! Even my husband was skeptical, but noticed a difference last night. My legs swell a lot and muscles are always tight. Last night he said all of that was gone and it hasn’t been in months. I’m shocked at the feeling I got."

Client Testimonial - Kate

September 27, 2018
"What am incredible life-changing experience it is working with Sherri. I feel like a million bucks and Sherri has helped to clear things I have been struggling with for years. My life is now shifting in many amazing ways. Can't wait for my next session! 5 stars!"

Client Testimonial - Nelson

September 23, 2018

"Although Sherri and I were separated by 100 km during our “On-Line Video” appointment, her Intuitive energy interpretations and direction regarding myself was “Right On Target” even though I had withheld some “relevant” information from her during her history intake. My Cancer battling journey can be found at I don’t know how Sherri did it - but she did it !!! “What” and “If” are two words as non-threatening as words can be, but put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt us for the rest of our lives. I’m currently immobile and unable to travel long distances but I’m grateful and I’m glad that I took this leap of faith, can’t wait for my next “On-Line Video” session with Sherri the Healing Diva. Thank You Very Much Sherri !!!"

Client Testimonial - Andrea
July 27, 2018

" I was telling some crew members on set about you and there's a good chance you will be getting some new customers. I told them about my positive experience and how you are SO worth the drive to Cambridge. I hope that they come through and schedule an appointment with you. I was asked if i felt "lighter". I could not  say that is exactly how I felt, but for me,  I have gotten out of the obsessive over-thinking loops which previously consumed me. This is very freeing! I do feel like I am managing my emotions much better. It's actually pretty incredible!"

Client Testimonial - Tiffany
July 28, 2018

"Hi Sherri, thanks so much for working with me. I really appreciate it. I definitely do want to book another session with you and likely ongoing for a while as I re-balance. I knew I was open to the process and the potential going into tonight, but the experience really opened my eyes to the possibilities of it. I haven’t felt this sure of a healing process ever. I’ve spent the last hour journalling out my thoughts and things that came up to get them out and look for patterns at a later time. Thank you again."

Client Testimonial - Michele

June 18, 2018

I feel amazing right now... no pain! I am so grateful for what you do Sherri. You are amazing. Thank you. 

Chris McDowell to Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko
June 17, 2018
Each energy session I have had there is more ease of pain, and also the wonderful bonus of my mind being more calm and balanced too. Thank you again for all the amazing work that you do Sherri!  :)

Client Testimonial - Anonymous
June 16, 2018
Thank you so much for last night. I'm back to feeling postive and everything is right again. You're world class Sherri!

Chris McDowell to Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko
June 17, 2018
Each energy session I have had there is more ease of pain, and also the wonderful bonus of my mind being more calm and balanced too. Thank you again for all the amazing work that you do Sherri!  :)

Debbie Howden Mccormick‎ to Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko
June 13, 2018 
Thank you Sherri for the healing exchange. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the treatments are.
I highly recommend to anyone to gift themselves the "Sherri Special".

(Kaitlyn M. March, 2018 reviewed Healing Diva — 5 star)
"I went to Sherri because I had an ear infection for 3 weeks and after the session it was gone completely!! Her healing is quite powerful & I felt amazing after definitely opened my third eye a lot as well. I fully recommend going!! I cant wait to go back!"

(Joanne V. February, 2018 - dealing with extreme chemical sensitivity)
"Hi Sherri, great session. On the way home I stopped to get gas. I smelled the gas but was not affected. Walking into the shop to pay was so easy, like it was before I got sick. My amygdala was so calm it did not register any of the smells. In fact, I did not even think of it. Then a woman walked past me and I actually thought her perfume was kind of nice. These things are huge for me. Feeling great. Thanks. I do want to come for another session anytime you can. [😊]"

(Christine M., November, 2017)
"Dear Sherri, you truly have a profound gift to which you have already enabled me to overcome many physical issues in my life. I am so happy and grateful to have met you, and to have your gift help me on my healing journey. Your Energy Healing Sessions have made such a huge difference to my everyday life, both physically and mentally! I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me in my pursuit of wellness and the shifting of life's challenges. Your Energy Sessions, together with your Meditation Group have set my life on a wonderful life-changing course, and for that I am truly grateful."

Manda Michele reviewed Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko — 5 star
September 24, 2017 
"Amazing!!! I went to one of the meditations that Sherri puts on and he really intense feelings. I then booked a session and was absolutely amazed by my results. After my session I felt super tired and almost floaty. The next day I felt so excited, happy and energized!!! I had not felt this way for a few weeks at least. It's been a few days now and my results just keep developing! I'm blown away by what I was able to experience and can't wait to book again!! Thanks love!!!! 

Robyn Nicole reviewed Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko — 5 star
November 23, 2016
"Sherri's gift made such a positive difference in my life and my son's. We are both so grateful for her work and what it did for us. Life changing."

Pamela Neath reviewed Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko — 5 star
May 30, 2016 
"Really enjoyed this form of healing. After seeing Sherri 4 days in a row, my back is feeling great! And my worrying and anxiety has lowered. I'm not sure who enjoy our appointments more, me or my 4 year old daughter  ;). Thank you Sherri, will be booking more appointments in the fall:)"

Kellie Walford reviewed Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko — 5 star
March 17, 2016 
"Thank you Sherri for another great session, I always leave feeling relaxed, happy and wanting more. Your guidance is second to none."

Debbie Howden Mccormick reviewed Healing Diva - Sherri Dmyterko— 5 star
November 20, 2015
"Sherri is guided through spirit and gifted with healing hands."

  • "My neck is feeling great!"
  • A mom reports that her son's seizures are less frequent and intense.
  • A client said it felt like there were acupuncture needles in her arm, and then the shoulder pain disappeared.
  • A client reported tingling in her wrist, and less pain than before.
  • A client reported the eczema on her hands is improving.

"I was fine and a few months a go I became depressed and sad and angry, ( still not cueing into why). Then with the healing I received at your place at the March meditation class, I have been Happy. So far it is still sticking. I am learning to ask for more help from all of the universal powers of love. I sure am happy that I have met you and that I am receiving the help that I need, ( and deserve:))"

"On Wednesday after I left the meditation my arms ached like I had carried a baby in my arms for miles and I knew that I had been able to let go of a lot of junk. I felt so good Thursday morning, going for an early morning walk and having a positive day at work even through some difficulties on the job. Thursday night as soon as I opened the door from my work office I felt like an instant drain. I got home at 11 pm and went straight to bed.
Friday morning I knew that I could not start my day without taking a little time for myself and so I sat on my deck for a few moments just to meditate. It was kind of cloudy and the trees were also blocking the sun from hitting me, but I felt a really bright light inside of me. My thoughts were that this is not the sun but there is a much brighter light/ energy then the sun and it felt so good.
Your email seemed to be the perfect timing and to tell me that I am on the right path. Thank you for what you do and I am really glad I came on Wednesday."


"If you are an energy worker, YOU MUST HAVE A TREATMENT WITH SHERRI.  Not only was I totally emerged in a deep, relaxing and penetrating bath of energy, but I was also shifted to my energy body which allowed me to fully embrace the enourmous amount of light that Sherri/Elohim was pouring into me.  It was like being instantaneously submerged in meditation.  Quiet.  Calm.  Peaceful.  Loving.  I was pure consciousness.  Pure be-ing.  I left feeling giddy with energy, and anchored in centred state Sherri treatment helped me achieve. As an energy practitioner, my flow became stronger, more pure, and more directed.  As an empath, my sensitivity to others' emotions became easier to distinguish from my own, which cleared up years of issues I had taken on from others.  As a busy mom of three, my patience for the kids, and joy of life increased dramatically.  Sherri has a special gift to offer.  It is unlike any treatment I have ever recieved.  She has opened me to a connection with an even higher state of being.  She has helped me reconnect to my higher self, and KNOW even more about who I really am.  It has brought so much love and light into my life.  I am definitely becoming one of her regulars, and am always excited to see what new levels we can achieve together."

"I really enjoyed the sessions from you Sherri.  When you did the axiatonal alignment on me it was so relaxing, I could feel myself being lovingly wrapped up in energy. Then when you did the angelic healing, I could feel the energy come into me from your hands and working on my body.  At times the energy felt strong, other times the energy felt light and airy.  After this session I felt much better and I slept really well for the first time in a long while.  The following days I felt like I had more energy than I had in a while and my stomach issues were much better as well. Thank you so much!""I highly recommend having a treatment with Sherri. I haven't felt this good about myself, my life and my family in a long time...and it wasn't bad before:)  I have been on fire since my treatment yesterday. I've accomplished so husband loves how happy I is so good now!!! Thank you so much:)"

"My healing session with Sherri was a beautiful experience. I knew I was on the brink of change but felt a little stuck just on the edge, as a Reiki practitioner I recognized that my energy was stagnant and knew I needed something. It was then that I found a message from Sherri on a mutual facebook group and on instinct I contacted her, it was definitely a message from the Universe. The session was amazing, the energy was warm and flowing. I felt as though several people were there touching me, moving around the room. I had an emotional blockage that had been sitting in my stomach and after some work I felt it shift and start to flow, it was a beautiful release. The energy has stayed with me and continued to work its magick even after the session was complete, I feel more energized and inspired. I can’t wait for the next healing session."

"I would highly recommend the Healing Diva. My first session with Sherri was amazing. It was unlike any energy session I've ever received before and I've tried many. She makes you feel very comfortable the entire time you're there. I literally felt like I was vibrating on the table the entire time. The second treatment I received I was able to connect directly with the Eloheim and it was amazing to see and feel where this energy was coming from."

"Just wanted to share an experience with everyone! I had my second healing with Sherri Dmyterko and it was simply wonderful! As a holistic practitioner this treatment is a must. You can feel yourself go into a higher vibration, and just know that you have a stronger connection to the Universe and are ready to begin healing others on a higher plane as well! Even if you are not a practitioner this is a great treatment it leaves you feel warm, comfortable and absolutely serene! check her out"