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We live in a multi-dimensional Universe that our human brains can hardly attempt to understand. A number of years ago, I started to receive information from a group called  the Eloheim. The Eloheim are mentioned often in the Bible and describe themselves as sitting at the right-hand of the Creator or God. They are here to help guide us along our often bumpy journey. I hope you find comfort and enjoy the powerful healing that comes from simply reading these messages below.

~ Sherri


Just because you know you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. By this we mean always take action with purpose for your highest good. Let’s break this down for you… and call it lesson of Inspiration.

You are a child of God… yes?
If you agree, you’re already on the right path.

You are a being of infinite power and wisdom. Do you agree?
If you say yes, very good… you are definitely on the right path.

You are fully capable of manifesting the exact life that you desire.
Do you agree? We sense some waffling…. Lol.. And that is okay.

Manifesting is a very simple concept… that is NOT very simple to execute in human form.

The reason for this is our energy that comes to you with all of this thought and wisdom is a very high frequency. We do step it down so you can understand what we say, but it’s not always easy to take action on what we say because your frequency is not at the same level as ours.

And this is where the dis-connect on the art of manifestation continues to happen… it’s a frequency issue.

If you do not raise your frequency… you are cut off from so many gifts that the Universe makes available to you.

So how do you raise your frequency?
Belief in your spiritual practice is the first step.

Do you believe that you are a child of God… that you are God, that you are powerful?
Do your thoughts focus on the positive or the negative… like attracts like. If you focus on the negative, that is a lower frequency energy form.

Focus on the positive, and feel a release from the burden of the lower energies. Your spirit will begin to soar with the lighter feel of the higher frequencies.

Lean to connect with your spiritual self. This does require a quiet mind that seeks to know more.
This is where meditation is a critical part of the process.

Until you learn to raise your frequency, you will feel stuck.
Until you grasp the concept that you are completely in control of your reality, you will feel stuck.
Until you release yourself from the worry and fear of the future, and the regrets of the past, you will feel stuck.

We are the Eloheim
At Your Service


September 26, 2012

 Thank you to everyone who attended the Healing Diva Meditation held Wednesday September 26th. My next Healing Diva meditation takes place Wednesday October 17th in Cambridge… event posting to be created where you can RSVP. What follows are some thoughts from tonight’s meditation, as well as a channeled message from the Eloheim.

A lot of you were brand new to meditation…and so I thank you sincerely for following your instinct, attending tonight, and beginning the journey of unlocking the doors to your higher self and all the wonderful information that you hold within.

This meditation was certainly a journey of self discovery… feeling the tightness within your body, giving yourself permission to simply relax and let go… and then feeling the expansion within.

As we moved through the meditation, we focused on a ball of black energy within the abdomen… filled with all of the emotional baggage that you were ready to let go of. Hatred, fear, anger, confusion, depression.
We allowed the most brilliant white light to come down through our Crown Chakra at the top of the head, down through the head, throat, heart and into the abdomen.

Slowly loosening this blackness, seeing it swirling into a vortex, finally allowing it to be released up through the body and up into the higher energies, where it was transmuted, transformed, cleansed of its negativity… allowing this energy to join with the balance of positive energy in the Universe… helping to bring balance and open-ness to your own emotional body…. but also to the Universe as a whole.

While the meditations are for your individual growth and development, I will also take advantage of have a group of people to anchor higher energies to the Earth plane.

For higher purposes, tonight’s meditation involved the placement of a special key into the centre of the Earth…. very powerful, quite profound… a placement felt by everyone in the room.

This is a time of great change on Earth… and forces are gathering. This is not a time for fear, regardless of what is brewing… what may happen.

This is a time for celebration…. for with each positive thought we have, with each laugh, with each moment that brings us joy… we are truly changing the world.

It is not one big change… but the millions and millions and millions of positive thoughts that are happning each and every day that cumulate into the enormous transformation underway.

Whether you attend these meditation nights… whether you are running your own groups… whether you feel you are maybe still on the fence and not sure what you should be doing… know that your intention is simply enough.
Know that the joy you feel in your heart is simply enough.
You are simply enough!

Again… my next Healing Diva meditation takes place Wednesday October 17th in Cambridge… event posting to be created where you can RSVP.

And here is the channeled message received tonight from the Eloheim before our meditation began.


Welcome… welcome to the new people here for the first time.

It gives us the greatest of pleasure to know that more and more people are finding their way to these powerful transformational energies of the Eloheim.
It is no accident that you are here.
Each of you, in your own way, are powerful creators… here on Earth at this time for wonderous things.
Some of you are teachers… some are leaders for your community… some of you anchor the light… allowing higher vibrations to transform yourself and others around you…
In togetherness… working in collaboration… each of you are inter-connected… pieces of the puzzle… helping to open up a new gateway of light… expanding the energies of Earth… raising the vibration of the planet… allowing for a wonderful transformation to take effect.
Now, you may be sitting there… thinking to yourself. What???
I don’t really understand what you are talking about?
Trust us… you feel something within… you have a sense that you are meant to be part of something greater than yourself.
And we simply ask you to trust…. Trust that you are here for a reason.
Trust that your participation tonight is the start of a beautiful journey for yourself.
Some of you are here for the first time… to simply feel connected… to feel at ease… to let go of the stress.
This is wonderful… and an excellent start.
But please trust that there is a much bigger picture… a much bigger reason for why you are drawn here.
We do not wish to intimidate or confuse anyone.
We do ask you to have an open mind… and an open heart.
We ask you to simply agree to let the Energy of Love begin shifting and transforming you… allowing you to receive more.
If you can do that fur us… we can do the rest for you.
With much love, much blessing… and much Light shining down on each and every one of you…
We are the Eloheim, At your service.

Thanks again everyone!!


August 1, 2012

Wednesday August 1st, 2012 – a Full Moon – and a fantastic Healing Diva Meditation Event! And what came through was a beautiful message from the Eloheim… powerful in it’s simplicity!

"So what to share with the meditation group tonight?
With the simple phrase “How does it get better than this?”… Know that you are opening yourself up to infinite possibility!!
Ask yourself again the question… “How Does It Get Better Than This?”

Don’t answer the question… don’t expect an answer to pop into your brain… don’t analyze the situation. Don’t mull over the reasons that you are in the current situation you are in.
Simple ask the question again…. “How Does It Get Better Than This?”… and then simply let it go.

You see, the Universe works in perfect harmony and balance. And the Universe strives to bring perfect balance and harmony to your life… if you will allow it.
Will you allow? Will you let go of the reins of control…. And simply allow?

All too often, we find ourselves going down the road of control.
I must do this, I must do that… things simply won’t turn out the way I want unless I work really hard to make it happen…. Sound familiar?

What if… you simply allow… you simply be?
What if you don’t have to do anything at all… except be happy.
What an incredibly simple concept. All you really have to be…. Is Happy.

But what does it take to be Happy… we all whine?
I’m so unhappy… how could I possibly become happy we ask?
Happiness is simply a state of being… but how do you get to that state of being?

How about breaking it down into baby steps…. Think of one thing that makes you feel happy.
What is that one thing for you?… think about it right now.
Is it eating a chocolate cupcake?
Is it lying in bed by yourself reading a book?
Is it swimming?
Is it painting your toe nails?
Whatever it is… think about how this memory makes you feel…. It feels good doesn’t it?

Happiness is simply a state of being… a very powerful state of being.
It doesn’t matter what has happened to get you to the place that you are today….
It doesn’t matter what is coming from the future… for it is exactly that… in the future… and not a concern for you.

What does matter is how you feel right this minute… and how you feel this minute affects all aspects of yourself… through every dimension of time and space… affecting your vibration… affecting the vibration of those around you.
How you feel this minute is your very own personal ripple in the pool of life…
How glorious to be creating a ripple that is filled with the abundant joy… the enthusiastic energy… that comes by simply being happy.

What can you take away from this today?
If you are feeling unhappy… start focusing more on those things in your life that make you happy.
The more you focus on the happy aspects of life… guess what… the more happiness you attract…. The more positive your outlook… you become a manifesting machine for happiness… the happiness floodgates are opening… you will be up to you neck in happiness if you choose to look for it!

But you think… there is simply so much crap happening in my life… how can I ignore that?
We say to you… simply start looking and doing things that make you happy.
If you Mom is sick in the hospital… you’re right… that sucks! But what if the flowers by her bedside are beautiful, and flowers make you happy… that’s a ray of hope… a bright light… a spark inside of you that makes you feel good.

What if you feel like you are simply drowning in bills…. And the financial pressure feels enormous?
What makes you feel happy… being outside… going for a walk? Then do it. Guaranteed that doing something that makes you feel happy… will help to take the pressure off. And who knows… you just might think of some great ideas while you are out for that walk that can turn your whole life around.

But again, we come back to the beginning… it really all starts with a question… “How Does It Get Better Than This?”
You just might be surprised at the good fortune that starts dropping into your lap… if you will allow it."


 July 24, 2012

Earlier this week I received an e-mail asking for my comments on a new course that is being planned focusing on helping women to develop their leadership skills for a changing society based on love. 

I was surprised to find myself struggling to respond to the e-mail, avoiding the issue. To better help myself understand why, I went to the Eloheim for their guidance. And this is what flowed out of me:

“Enriching women to be the natural leaders of the new age… whew, energetically it is a statement that is highly charged. I feel so much anger, hurt, confusion around this issue… for right now our society is completely in the eye of the storm. There is the huge upsurge of love in the human psyche, coupled with the confusion and anger of the power dominant matrix that is still firmly in place.

There is still so much healing to be done centering on this isssue… and I think I’ll set my intention on that today… actaully I’m doing that right now, asking the Eloheim to heal this great divide between these two mindsets… which is not only male dominated. There are plenty of women who are firmly in the trap of aggressive leadership for power and control.
It’s like a vice grip on the heart of humanity, squeezing and squeezing… and I say this looking and feeling at the situation energetically.

What can be done?
It continues to be purely a grassroots movement, where the individual gradually continues waking up and realizing they simply don’t want to live this way anymore.
Men and women… who want change toward equality, sharing, peaceful living, in harmony with each other and the planet they share.

Can this mentally, this feeling be instilled in our leaders of tomorrow? Of course!

It may not be necessarily the leaders that we see in action right now… but new people who are becoming more aware of who they really are… and they are naturally leading people in their circle of influence toward a better way of life that we all naturally crave.

Do I think we can get the current systems of government and business to adopt a kindler, gentler approach to life in general? Possibly, but doubtful. These are systems heavily integrated in thinking that is quickly becoming obsolete. More likely, we will witness a collapse of structures, and a building up of new systems… with natural leadership based on love emerging from the ashes.

There are definately many women who may already be in leadership roles, or coming into their true selves, who will benefit from being “reminded” of who they truly are… the power locked within them… and some guidelines to help them lead with love, adjusting how they think about running their businesses, providing leadership for their circle of influence.

When I first received this e-mail , I really didn’t know how to answer… for I just had such a wave of foreboding, fear and anxiety over the issue. I tapped into my Eloheim family, asking them for guidance on how to answer… and so what I wrote above is information from my higher self and my Eloheim self.

I have a sensitivity to the underlying emotional current of society… and so when I tap into the collective consciousness to get a sense for leadership and women and love… this was what poured out of me.

Please read my words… even read them outloud… for anything the Eloheim gives to me in a channeled message, always has quite the energy signature attached to it.

I’ve found that simply by writing this message, there has been quite a release of fear and anxiety on a collective whole, and certainly my own self.”


June 15, 2012

As part of my service to humanity, I hold regular meditation events, where the Energies of the Eloheim help to heal groups of people at a time. These meditations are always unique, powerful and well-received by all who attend.

If you would like to participate in these meditation events, please drop me a line at for more information.

Friday June 15th was the latest meditation event, and as is custom, I ask the Eloheim if there is anything specific they would like to share with the group. Here is what they dictated to me before guests arrrived:

“When you look at a flower or the leaf on a tree, you are looking at the perfect simplicity of the Universe.
When you look inside your heart, you are seeing the perfection of you… your Universal perfection… the God within.

Today, many of you are looking for that which will make you happy, bring you peace, fill that void. You are searching outside of yourself for that which you need.

What we tell you is that you already have all you need, within you.
You simply need to peel off the layers that are keeping you from seeing your true self.

Tonight, we will peel off more of these layers, and help you come closer to true realization.
You heart chakra is your gateway… when you clear the path of unwanted clutter, you open the way for new thoughts and ideas to enter.

Many people feel that this journey is so difficult, so much to do, so much to learn.
Many question if they are really getting it? What does it mean really to be ascending…. Am I doing this right?

We tell you… you are ALL doing this right. There is no wrong or right in any of this. Simply being aware that things are shifting within, having that desire to know more, knowing in your heart that you are supposed to be doing something… this is the key that unlocks your super-conscious mind.

When we say you already have everything you need within, we mean you are already a very advanced being on a super-consicous level. And what we are helping you to do is to have a stronger connection to this super-conscious mind.

This is the importance of meditation… allowing your present state of mind to slow down, shift into neutral, and simply allow higher thoughts to flow to you without restriction.

We hope this resonates with you…
We know you are all here for a reason… we know that you are all working very hard to understand.
We assure you that you don’t have to work so hard… simply allow.

We are the Eloheim…
We are honoured to be of service to you here tonight.”


May 11, 2012

Along with private sessions, I hold a monthly meditation night. This is always a powerful experience, where the Eloheim Energy is with us through the meditation… and where some pretty amazing messages are channeled!

Here is the message received on May 11, 2012… in advance of a meditation event.

Sherri… there is no mystery to this life that you live… that all people live. You are all here… living the human experience… you are all here to give your souls a work-out.
You are all here, going through life’s trials and tribulations… joy and sorrow, with one goal in mind…. To give your Soul the experience it craves!
Everything about your life is beautiful, wonderful, amazing.
Despite what you think… there is no downside. Every experience you have…. From the mundane of getting up and brushing your teeth every morning… to the oh so special moments that make your heart sing…. These experiences are all wonderful, fantastic… rich with life.
Your soul wants to know everything… wants to experience everything.
And the more that you realize that everything you do… everything you experience… is for your soul’s benefit…. The easier your life becomes.
You are not stuck here!
You WANT to be here…
Situations don’t just happen to you.
You create them… to experience a wide range of emotions.

As we move through the next phase of transition… please keep in mind that you are loved and supported by the higher realms.
Sometimes these transitions can feel rocky, unsettling.
The important thing to remember is not to take any of these unsettled feelings personally.
Let them simply wash away… like the tide going out with the Sea….
We are here with you tonight.
We are thrilled to see so many of you!!
And now we begin…
Tonight is an opportunity for clearing, for bringing more clarity into your life, for letting go of those things you no longer need.

We are the Eloheim…
We are Your Servants!


April 19, 2012

I often will sit at my computer, and simply ask The Eloheim what they would like to say to you today. This is what they conveyed to me a few moments ago. Enjoy~

“There are winds of change blowing… for the better! Hold on to your hats, and know in your hearts that everything is okay. Things might feel rocky for a while, but there are calm seas ahead.

Remember to stay centered, and know in your heart that you are on the right path. No good comes from worrying. If you feel stress or anxiety, change your focus as quickly as you can. If sitting in front of that computer has you feeling doom and gloom, burderened with stress, a cloud of darkness descending… get up, get active! A walk around the block, a quick jaunt to to the corner store, or whatever errand you might need to do…. can do wonders for your mental health.

Most important… keep a bit of nature close by. So many of you are caught up in the all too real cubicle hell. Don’t under-estimate the power of a small plant of bouquet of flowers by your side…. even a picture of nature.

You are of nature, you crave nature, and this is a very artificial environment that you have created for yourself. Of course, there is nothing like the real thing… so find the time to walk in a park, break a sweat over a shovel in your garden… simply plant some pansies in a pot. Your heart will be glad you did!”


April 14, 2012

There is so much that the Eloheim want to share.
They’ve been just patiently waiting till I was ready to channel their information.
And I guess I’m now ready, so the words are pouring out of me…. 

Here is the latest transmission from the Eloheim, with an explanation of why these words are so powerful.

Sherri, this is spiritutally charged energy flowing through you, into written word, onto the page… and that energy stays with the words, helping those who read it to transform and shift as they are ready. The words are merely the vehicle for this energy transfer. This is a very effective system that we have all devised… and thus you are the communicator on Earth for this energy.

Please understand that this is a complex system of energy transmission… with each word that is broadcast to others, we are changing the matrix of divine energy. For each person that reads the words, and feels a stirring inside, we are tweaking the matrix…. We are shifting that person.

You will have your supporters and your skeptics… and that is fine. Everyone benefits… friend and foe.

Let’s dive deeper into the Energy of Love.

Love is truly all there is.

It’s no mistake that so much of the esoteric teachings focus on love…. For with the energy of love, true transformation of the human collective is possible.

Feel the undercurrent of energy that flows through you as you read these words. That is not your imagination… that is the energy of love that we transmit to you.

Some of you may feel it stronger than others. Some of you may know exactly what we are talking about with a knowing… some of you may have joyful curiosity, and desire to know more, to feel more.

When you are drawn to these words, to this energy… you are on your true path.

There truly is no right or wrong in any of this. Some of you are ready and willing to shift into higher vibration. We are here to help you make that shift.

The power behind the energy of love truly begins when you have shifted high enough. These next few months are a pivitol time for you to work on clearing karma, clearing emotional blockages, and move your frequencies to high levels. Every time your frequency moves up a notch, you can feel the difference. There is more joy in your life, there is more clarity of thought, there is easier manifestation of abundance.

Often, the shifts requuired to these higher frequencies can feel tumultuous. You feel angry, jittery, depressed…. This is your emotional body shaking things up… shaking the junk loose. Sweeping the dust and cobwebs out of the corners for easy disposal.

Please trust your own intuition that these episodes of blackness are truly for your higher benefit… and it will pass.

Whenever possible, take advantage of healing session, meditation, and visit the energy lightworkers that you are drawn to… which will help you shift and evolve faster.

Diet is so very important with clean, pure water… vegetarian food…. Fresh fruits and vegetables in their most natural state. Avoiding processed unnatural foods and drink as much as possible.

Of course we tell you to live and enjoy life.

But please try to limit the junk… in small doses please!!

We hope you have enjoyed today’s energy transmission.

More to come, more to come in the days, weeks and months leading up to some big portal openings for this Earth, and Universe.

These are wonderfully exciting times, and we are here to help you make the transition.

In Loving Help.

We are the Eloheim.


It appears that I’ve crossed a bridge of understanding. The Eloheim are back front and centre… dumping tons of information that is trickling to the surface. 

The Energy of Love is so simple, yet so complex. They have dictated pages and pages worth of material to me today… it’s going to take a bit of work to massage this into something understandable.

Here’s a nugget… the highlights from a channeling I received the morning of Friday, April 13, 2012:

“In the beginning, there was Love. Humans were created out of love. Humans have been spiritually guided by love through the ages. And Love is the driving force of all that is.

Love is the power of this Universe. Love is the energy of the new chapter on Earth. Love is the tie that binds all humans together. Love is a multidimensional energy flow that is , as yet, undetectable by human scientists. Forget the power of the Sun… when you learn to harness the energy of Love… everything breaks wide open.

The Energy of Love is the fuel for all living things. The energy of Love is the communicator, the facilitator, the leader, the follower. Love is the missing link. Love is freely available to everyone right now.

We are talking about Love as the smooth flowing underlying river of energy that flows beneath the matrix of all that is. This flow is the Flow of Love.

It is a multi-dimensional, river flowing through the network of all that is, all that was, all that ever will be. When you have love, you have the gifts of the Universe in the palm of your hand.

If you can do only one thing today. Take a few minutes to feel the energy of love that stirs your soul, that makes your heart sing. A funny family event, a thoughtful co-worker, a flower blooming in your garden.

Even if it is just for a fleeting moment, feel that flow in your heart… think about that glow, and start to explore what that glow means to you. For this is the energy of love that we talk about… this glow, this tiny spark, has the potential to unleash your full potential as a human being, if you let it.”


On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012, I was preparing for my monthly meditation event... and I felt compelled to ask the Eloheim if there was anything they would like me to share with everyone. This message is what came through, about an hour before everyone arrived.

I shared the message with our small group of 12 participants, and you could literally feel the Eloheim in the room.

This turned out to be a very special night indeed... for this also marked the very first time that I conducted a direct-channeled meditation from the Eloheim. Typically, when I have conducted meditation nights, I would feel nervous, and anxious... not quite sure what I was going to say, or how the meditation was going to go.

Leading up to this meditation, I felt completely calm... and when it was time to start.. I just felt the Eloheim within me. And they took over. I was completely conscious of what was being said, but I felt like a participant like everyone else... with the Eloheim speaking in first person through me.

The meditation lasted for 20 minutes, and we cleared a lot of Karma and energy blockages. Everyone agreed, it was very powerful... and exhilerating!

And this is the message that was channeled to me an hour before the event began:

Sherri, as always, being yourself is the most important. It’s wonderful to see that you are so relaxed tonight. Please know that the calibration from earlier today has helped to settle the rocky energy flow within you. You will help others do the same tonight. 

Healing is all about the self.
Healing is from within..
Healing is available to everyone…
Healing is your divine right as a you are an expression of God… Creator of all.

There is NO things that stand in your way… your path is right before you. All you simply need to do is walk the path, one step at a time. The road to ascension happens one step at a time.

There are no shortcuts, there are no right or wrongs… except going backwards.
You cannot fail if you truly want to raise your vibration and ascend to a higher level.
You would not be here tonight if you did not want to ascend.

Here tonight, you have a Universe of talent here to help you.
Here tonight, you have the ear of God, and the ascended masters, and the angels… here to help you.

Know that this is your birthright.
Be proud of who you are.
You belong here… you are destined for greatness… in your own way.

You are a roomful of leaders, teachers, healers.
You are brave… you are strong. You are loved!

We are the Eloheim…
We are here at your service….


The Eloheim are here to help. Do not ever think that you are alone! Here is a wonderful message received from the Eloheim September 20, 2011…. we are all one! Please remember that… respect and love each other. Most importantly, respect and love yourself.

“Our dear family on Earth. We call you family, for we are all one. You all have God within… you are all created of the same energy… we are not unlike you… only in the fact that we work at a much higher vibration than you. For that reason, we can do more, see more, know more. Operating at a higher vibration is not unlike seeing the world from a bird’s eye view. We can see the big picture. You can only see the world from the box you have put up around you… the veil, the shield… whatever metaphor you would like to use.

We would like to extend a hand of love and greeting to you all… and thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for making a connection with us through Sherri, and agreeing to take on this higher energy… helping to anchor it on the Earth plane.

You are doing an immense job… more are needed…. So please spread the word that the Eloheim needs human help!

These are interesting times, are they not?.(laughter)

You must forgive us for not fully comprehending your plight… for we exist merely as vibration… we do not have bodies that are affected by the transfer of energies into your Earth plane.

Headaches, dizziness, craving, sleepiness, insomnia, gumpiness, fear, aches, pains, flu-like symptoms… these are all physical responses to the incredible transformation taking place within your human forms. At the cellular level, there are incredible changes afloat. Changes that are allowing your bodies to expand their capacity to hold light, to hold higher vibration. Changes that are allowing you to accept these new vibrations… changes that will allow you to become lighter in physical density… opening you to greater and greater abilities that only came be achieved through higher vibration.

Why are some people affected by certain symptoms more than others? Dizzyness and headaches are a direct result pineal gland activation and expansion. Nausea is another big symptom that accompanies pineal gland growth.

Not to worry… for these symptoms pass.

Like all symptoms of ascension, learn to be gentle with yourselves… don’t push against the change. Allow the change… become friends wit hthe change… accept the change.

Fighting against physical symptoms will only amplify their intensity.
Ride on top of the wave, rather than allowing yourself to be pulled into the washing machine of turbulent water.”


Do you often feel dizzy, and suffer headaches? I asked the Eloheim about this… here is their response.... channeled September 20, 2011

“Great energy moves and flows like the waves of the ocean… sometimes so gentle and soothing… other times with a violence of motion. Do not be alarmed dear ones if these waves of energy cause you physical duress. For the seas of energy will calm again, and wash over you with the soothing stillness of a perfect Summer day at the beach.

The storms of energy that surround you at times are not indicators of anything particularly violent or changing. It is merely the flow of the Universe… and sometimes these waves of energy will strike your planet with more intensity than others.

Please call on us, the Eloheim to shield you from the harsh effects of these energies. We will do our best to offer protection to you. But know that there is nothing wrong with learning to feel the ebb and flow of this energy. There is nothing wrong with you beginning to wake your senses to these subtle energies.

With your minds, learn to draw these energies into your body… make peace with them… teach your physical bodies how to balance these energies… welcome with gentle acceptance, rather than guarding against them.

It is easier for a wave to wash over a shallow sand bar than to crash into a cement wall. Think of what you can do to harmonize with this energy… rather than put resistance in its path.”


More words of wisdom from the Eloheim... channeled from the Eloheim September 20, 2011...

They answer the following question:

“This is a big time of change for a lot of people. Do they have some insight in how to move past the fear to accepting the changes?”

What is fear, but an energy marker. What is love, but an energy marker. Do you choose fear or love? Do you choose the high road or the low road?

Know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Know that there are no wrong choices. Know that everyone is on the path that is perfect for them. Know that there is great love in this Universe for everyone. Know that there is an abundance of love that will fill your cup many times over. Know that you are not alone. Know that fear is a lower energy vibration. Know that the opposite of fear is love. Know that trust goes along with love. Know that love is the new energy of the Universe… the most powerful force known to all that is… all that was… all that ever will be.

For those of you filled with doubt, fear, unease, restlessness, anger, hate, indecision, distrust…. Know that you sit in the cradle of God… that you belong in this Universe… that you are a Powerful Creator. … that a piece of God sits within your heart. Know that all things are possible… all that you desire for the highest good is easily within your grasp… You are regal, you are loved, you matter! You are all, you are one, you are God.


A message titled "Why Can't I Sleep???" channeled from the Eloheim September 20, 2011...

The Eloheim are a collective of very high vibrational beings, describing themselves as Creator Gods. They are here to help humanity… in fact, they tell me that they created humanity, planet Earth, and the Universe that we call home. The Eloheim come to me with channeled messages…. conveying information that they hope will help us to make our journey here on the Earth plane a little easier…Today’s message is regarding a common complaint for many right now… Why Can’t I Sleep??? Below is their response. Enjoy ~ Sherri

Do you feel a stirring? Do you feel alive with new energies? Do you feel a quickening to something new? Do you feel the birthing of a new reality?

The human brain has been asleep for many, many generations. Simply awake enough to perform only the most basic of functions.

We the Eloheim are here today to tell you that a great many of you are waking up! Waking up means being awake and in tune with new energies coming into the planet, and new activity developing in parts of your brain that have been dormant.

Do not be alarmed or frustrated if you find yourself awake at odd hours, or sleepy at odd times. Consider this your adjustment phase. Consider yourself like the newborn who is learning how to navigate this neurological vehicle. Simply go with the flow. Don’t try to analyze the hows and whys just yet. Don’t become frustrated if you find yourself lying awake.

Use this time of wakefulness and clarity to do something productive. Please know and understand that wakefulness, drowsiness, irritibility, odd food cravings and so many other things are simple your human form’s attempt to deal with the physical changes that come with ascension, with changes to accommodate higher energy vibration.


A message titled "Hope for Humanity" channeled from the Eloheim August 11/11.

I began channeling the Eloheim in January of 2009. They describe themselves as Creator Gods, creators of this Universe that we call home. They are warm, loving, funny, thought-provoking… and they are here now to help us grow, to help us learn! I am honoured to work in collaboration with them to bring these teachings to Earth at this time.

Today, I asked the Eloheim what needed to be brought forward. They asked me to ask them three questions.

Why is the sky blue?
What can be done to change the course of humanity?
What information do humans need to know right now?

And what follows is the information they wanted to convey…

Okay, so I don’t really understand why I’m asking this, but why is the sky blue?

Sherri, the sky is blue because there is life on your planet. That makes Earth an incredibly special place in the Universe. Do you know how hard we, the Eloheim, have worked to bring life to this planet? For thousands and thousands, millions of years, we have worked to help sustain life on this planet. This has been challenging to say the least, and we are relatively pleased with our experiement. But my oh my, how little humans have really evolved. It would be nice to see the human race a little further along the path. Of course, we are very happy with everyone’s progress, and love and honour all… but there is so much for everyone to learn… to become aware of. It is our wish, our desire… to see humans embrace their power… to blossom… to become the powerful creators that they truly are. It is our desire to see humans move a few hundred rungs up the ladder… to make a giant leap forward. It is only baby steps that are happening for so many… yet it can be so easy for so many to make a giant leap forward. This is our wish at this time… to use these universal energies of transition, of change… to help humans make a giant leap forward. We call on all humans to reach up and out… and connect with our energies. We call on those who have made a connection with the Eloheim to use your energetic connection to us in your own healing work. We call on you all to use this time of great change and transition… for higher purpose… to push your species forward in a way that wasn’t possible even a few years ago. We call on you to act now… for NOW is the time!!

Thank you Eloheim… now onto the next question. What can be done to change the course of humanity?

The course for humanity is not carved in stone… but there are some strong indicators that you are on the verge of heading down the wrong path… toward lower energies, rather than seeking out the higher vibrations. It is imperitive that all humans who are willing to open up to the possibilities see this as the time to shine their light… to cast out their higher frequency vibrations upon all… covering the planet in a blanket of high frequency love energy. Any of you already exposed to the Eloheim frequencies are more than capable of doing this. Simply think in your mind that you want to cast out a grid of Eloheim healing energy… casting it out as far and wide as you can mentally manage. Depending on the power and clarity of the person… some of these grids will go further, be more powerful than others. This is not a competition… rather this is cooperation. The work of a few will do much to help many! Please cast out these energy grids often… daily… ask us to help you with increasing the amplitude of the frequencies involved. Ask us to implement these grids, so they become grounded into the areas of Earth that they cover. Ask us to make these grids permanent… with layer upon layer of energy grids building up over time as you continually cast out new ones. Ask us to help you establish healing energy grids within your home, your work, new areas that you visit on vacation, etc. We can’t emphasize enough the power of these grids, and their cumulative effects of these higher frequencies.

Thank you again Eloheim… and finally today’s 3rd question. What information do humans need to know right now?

The most important information that humans need to know is that all life is interwoven, interconnected. Humans, rocks, plants, water, animals, marine life… you are all interconnected… you are all one! This is a concept that certainly some of you realize… but a great deal of humanity is clueless or blind to. There of course is the self, but you are all part of the same energy matrix… thus what affects one affects the whole. So imagine what your famine in Somalia is doing to the collective consciousness? Imagine what the greed-based fear of your most economic turmoil is doing to the collective consciousness? And imagine how the love-based work of energy healers is helping the planet. There is still far too much negativity on the planet… and we would like to do our best to raise the vibration. We call on all light workers at this time to shine your light brightly on these flash points of negativity that persist on your world… for the light of a single candle can do much to illuminate even the darkest space. We leave you now… knowing that there is much good among you… much promise for the future.

In greetings,
The Eloheim


 Here is a message that I channeled from the Eloheim July 14/11.

Fill your heart with love, for love knows no bounds. Fear not the trouble of the day, for these troubles only fill you with doubt and fear. Look to the sky for comfort… for the Sun and the Moon can fill you with the celestial energy that you so crave. Open your arms to the Sun and Moon, and simply ask for their energies. You may be surprised at how good this feels… and how easy it is. Reconnect yourself to Mother Earth, and consciously ask Mother Earth to give you her energies. It surrounds you… you simply have to consciously ask for it.

Call on the Eloheim, and we will fill you with the loving energy of the God Source. Fill your cup, and enjoy the sweet nectar of these energies. Swim in these free energies of the Universe, and know you are a child of the Universe, and fully capable and entitled to these energies… to this healing strength.

We, the Eloheim are so pleased to make a connection with you. We are here for you always. We are but a thought away.

In Loving Greetings…


A message channeled June 10/11 by Sherri... a message from her team of spirit guides and angels.

I am all that I am. I am God… I am a child of the Universe. I am finite… I am one with all things. I am a powerful creator. I am love energy in its purest form. I am here to serve you. I am honoured… I do this with much gratitude for all that I have… all that I am.


A message received June 3, 2011 from my higher self and guides. It has been months since I’ve channeled anything. But now I’m feeling the urge to get writing again… Enjoy! Sherri

Time is short Sherri… well actually, time is linear… and doesn’t really matter to us. But for those of you in human form… time is short. What we mean by this is that things are happening very quickly now. The Fall of 2011 is an extremely important transition point for many of you. There is a very large confluence of events coming together at this juncture… September, October timeframe that will change life for many people as they currently know it.

You feel in your heart that something is coming. You see a great planet in your mind’s eye. Yes, this really is happening. Having some supplies together is a good idea, but you are very right not to look at this with fear. For what will be, will be. Ultimately, you all create your reality. If you want to have a scary experience, you will create it. If you want a serene experience, you will create it.

What’s important to realize is that you ALL have the power to create whatever reality you wish! You all have enormous ability to change your own individual timeline. It really is quite simple, effective and instantaneous. If from today forward you think and feel with your heart a wonderful serene life… guess what comes to you??… lol.

There is much magic surrounding each and every one of you on Earth. More easily than even a few months ago, humans are feeling abilities stir and awaken within themselves. More and more of you are waking up and realizing that you have abilities that you didn’t realize before. More and more of you are starting to have interesting thoughts float around your brain… or through-provoking dreams that seem so very vivid. Please take notice of this, and don’t pass it off as an over-active imagination. Things are happening…. Deep down you know this!

Do we have something to share with the world at this time… yes. Now is the time to fully walk into your power. Stand up and be proud of who you are. Hold the light for others. Living in Love and Peace. Shine light into the Fear, and do your part to dissipate these lower vibrations. Absolutely nothing is carved in stone. All can be altered.

It may seem to you today Sherri that we don’t have anything very profound to say. That is true, for there is nothing terribly profound about living the human existence. Except that so many of the people on your planet are firmly trapped in believing that they are powerless.

Take yourself out of the picture for a moment, and look at life on Earth as it really is. Use the analogy that this is merely a soap opera that would appear on television. Except these actors have forgotten it’s all just fiction. They have decided to live within the soap opera 24/7, and have forgotten their lives outside of this fictional show… these fictional characters.

A lot of these actors aren’t terribly thrilled with the story line… but they keep following the script, because they truly believe at this point that this script…this story line is their life… who they are.
They have completely forgot that this is simply fiction… it’s simply a story for entertainment. And they have forgotten that they are part of a much bigger life outside of the TV studio.

There are so many similar analogies to make this point.

As Sherri pointed out last week, the analogy of a toddler that only knows the playroom in her house… and sees that one room as her entire Universe. Not realizing there are other rooms in the house… the house is only one of many in her neighbourhood… her neighbourhood is only one of hundreds in her city… her city is only one of thousands in her country… etcetera.
And going back to the analogy involving the actors…. These actors are completely convinced that their soap opera TV show is their real life. If they would just wake up… they would demand script changes to the screen writer and director. They would say I want changes to my character… and presto… changes are made.

No different at all for what the Universe will deliver for you. If you want changes to your life, all you have to do is ask.
Life is not complicated… humans like to think that life is complicated.
Humans like to think that this is all so hard…

All that is needed is an open mind, an open heart and the true desire to change your outcome.

If you need help in mentally getting yourself into this process, simply spend 10 minutes a day writing a story about your perfect life. Write it in the present tense, as if it is already your reality. Don’t worry about how you got to this perfect life… just simply describe the feelings of how happy you are. Thank the Universe for giving you this perfect life… feel the emotions of love and joy course through your body as you see yourself living this perfect life in your mind’s eye…
As with all things dealing with manifestation… what you focus on is what you manifest.

You can’t help but manifest good things in your life when all you do is focus on the love, joy, peace and happiness that your perfect life brings you.

The hardest part of manifesting is simply getting started… that tends to be the hardest part of anything.

Stop wishing for that perfect life… start creating it now. It won’t come to you unless you ask! No one is going to do the work for you!! YOU must be the one to create the change in your life. YOU must take responsibility. YOU are so much more powerful than you realize. Those of YOU who are waking up still have NO idea just how powerful you truly are. YOU have only tasted but a small fraction of the power that lies within you.

Stand tall, be proud, walking in LOVE… you can accomplish anything!


This is a message that I received from the Elohim Council December 6, 2010. It is a very powerful and uplifting call for all of us to rise up and do what we came to Earth to accomplish. Enjoy! ~ Sherri

 We are of the Elohim Council… one of the highest levels of light currently reaching your planet. We are here to guide you to ascension… to bring you to a new level.

 You are there on Earth right now to act as an anchor for this ascension energy to flow.

 Those that walk in the light are poised on the edge of greatness… for all mankind to benefit. Those that walk in the light are helping the evolution of the galaxy beyond your wildest expectations.

 Feel the greatness within you… and don’t let yourself become bogged down in the petty trivialities of living the human existence.

 That is all…
The Elohim Council.

This is a message that I received from the Elohim Council January 13, 2011... I asked for guidance after reading an article about the prevalence of ET's surrounding Earth, and their plans to reveal themselves shortly to help with Earth's ascension.  I trust that you find this message from the Elohim uplifting!! ~ Sherri

"Will you need to vacate the planet and have to live underground or on spaceships? Heavens no! Unfortunately, this is just another form of fear and control coming through. Is it good to know that this sort of information is out there and coming through? Absolutely…

 The world is not splitting apart… Gaia is not hitting the re-set button to start again. She is too powerful for this.

 Yes, floods are happening, crazy storms are happening, Earthquakes are happening… but this is doing a lot to clear the old energies away. It’s unfortunate that humans get caught in the way. But these are all humans who have chosen to go home… whether it through a flood, or some other way… they have decided to leave. And that’s perfectly fine.

 What do you need to know today? What assurance can we give you?

 Please trust that everything is okay… that you are surrounded by love and security. Trust in the higher powers of God. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should.

 Today’s theme is trust…. Humans everywhere need to trust their intuition… their gut… their inner knowing. When something feels really, really right, you are on the right path. When something doesn’t sit well will you… consciously be aware of that… and trust that something is not right with the situation.

 Humans have such an ability, such an awareness to perceive already. Intuition is a great gift, great insight, a form of your telepathic ability that will only become stronger and stronger if you simply trust what you feel. 

 There are so many of you who are waking up… seek out those individuals to help guide your own progress. The spirit of cooperation is a vital component of the new Earth. Humans helping other humans for the greater good is a vital lesson for all to embrace.

 We are the Elohim…
We are here to help you on your journey.


This is one of the first channeled messages that I back to January 1st, 2010. At the time, when I asked who this was coming from, I simply sensed it was from the Angelic Realm, but no one in particular. I love this message... it is so timely for so many of us ~ Sherri

"We love you and we want you to know…. Open your heart to love. Don’t be afraid of going for your dreams. Follow your passion with joy and abundance. Creativity is the key that unlocks the door for you. Passion and bliss are what you crave.

You are a child of beauty and energy. Think of the sheer joy you had a child… and then re-create that amazing joy now as an adult. That is the secret to your success. Do not hold back… live every moment of your day with the sheer frenzied joy that you felt in your heart as a child. Do not hold back. The more fun you have, the more you attract to your life.

For too long you have lived in a box. It is now time to break free and re-claim your love of life. You have so much to give, and to offer others. The happier you are, the more your gifts will shine through. Do not be afraid to seek your dream. Do not be afraid of what others think.

There is so much support and love for you… more than you realize.

Share with your family, they are your support. Share with your friends, they are your support. Music, art, theatre, running, being outdoors, baking, cooking, being with friends, exercising, exploring… these are the things that make your heart sing.

Don’t wait for tomorrow…. Get started today. We are here to help you. We are here to support you. We are here to share your success. We are here to shoulder your burdens."


January 11, 2011
A channeled message today from the Elohim Council on Looking Within.... Sherri

"There is a spiritual hunger in the world today.  Everywhere, people are seeking for something…. Looking for something… can’t quite put their finger on it… searching, feeling unsatisfied. What is all this? What does it mean?

My children, there is a lack of personal time, personal focus, personal study. Everywhere humans rush here, rush there, and don’t stop to smell the roses… to simply be.

This channel is as guilty of this as anyone. The number of times that Sherri cries out for answers, asks for help to her inner turmoil… and the answer is right there all along. Don’t look externally for what you seek… look internally.

You are all connected to Spirit…. You are all God-creators. You all have the answers to any question in the Universe. But sadly, many of you don’t even think to consider all of the power you contain inside… or a great many of you who are awakening don’t fully embrace the importance of looking within.

Sitting quietly and allowing your physical body to relax allows your mental body to relax… and allows your connection to spirit to flow through. Yes, this is meditation… and this is the point of meditation.

If you are not making meditation a regular part of your routine, then you are missing out on a vitally important tool available to you.

If there is only one thing you do this week… make meditation a priority. Even 5 minutes a day will improve your outlook.

There is much good information on techniques available… but it really can be as simple as calming your mind… going to a place that brings you joy… thinking of a favourite vacation for example.

The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment is vastly rewarding… once you fall into step with who you really are, you’ll think back in amazement at all you were missing.

We are the Elohim…

Let us help you on your Journey…."


A message received January 7, 2011 from the Elohim Council on the Importance of Living with Joy in your heart... Sherri

 "Today, we’d like you to consider the heart of the matter. That is simply finding your bliss. And by this we mean that all humans should carefully look at their lives, and be honest with themselves. Are you happy? And if not, what needs to change….

So here we go.

When you are small children, you are very closely connected to spirit. Everything is fun, its playtime all the time. For the most part, you don’t have a care in the world. Of course there are exceptions to this when people grow up in abusive situations. Obviously, life is not care-free and you quickly become an adult in a child’s body. Meaning that you no longer have this care-free, fun-loving attitude. You are in survival mode.

So back to the beginning, when you are a child, you have a fun-loving, care-free outlook on life. The world is your oyster, no dream is too big, and most importantly… you feel that love in your heart that comes with the security and knowing that you are fully looked after. You have full confidence and faith that your parents are completely there for you…. And you are happy.

Now what happens to that happy, fun loving child? Well, the short answer is that as you grow, as you develop your own independence, you also mentally distance yourself from your spiritual connection to “Home” or “Source”. This isn’t done consciously, for by the age of 2, most of you completely forget where you came from in the first place. You forget your spiritual connection.

So, the focus of this session today is why are New Year’s Resolutions and Weight Loss always such a focus for humans at this time of year? Have you stopped to consider the connection between your emotional state heading into the New Year? The Christmas Holiday Season is fun, it’s full of laughter, parties, re-connecting with friends and family, you eat all the foods you love without guilt, you take the time to visit with others, you get outside for walks, tobogganing… in short, you are child-like, playful, full of life. The holiday season gives adults “permission” to return to this care-free child state. You give yourself subconscious permission to simply enjoy life.

What really is weight loss all about? Examine your feelings about weight loss. Guilt, sadness, anger are all big emotions around the issues of weight. But you also come into the New Year completely filled with positive energy, joy, determination to make changes in your life.

What we want many of you to know is that weight-related issues in your society today are the by-product of a much bigger issue… the emotional issues tied to guilt, anger, sadness. Many of you are using food in a desperate effort to make yourselves feel better. Whether you realize it or not, you are struggling to find the joy in your life… and for many, food is a quick fix.

Imagine if you lived every day of your life as if it was Christmas Day?

Imagine if you celebrated every day of your life as wonderful, magical, fun?

It’s time for humans to re-set their life outlook. The feeling of joy that comes from the holidays is not meant for an exclusive 2-week timeframe once a year. That feeling of joy needs to shine through every single day of your life!

That feeling of joy that you feel in your hearts is your re-connection to Spirit, to Home. That is the true essence of who you are. And trust us when we say that this is only a fraction of a percent of the true joy that you are capable of feeling.

Essentially, this is about making every day of your life a celebration!

So many of you ask, how do I do this?

First of all, you change your focus. Place your focus on those parts of your life that make you feel happy. Understand that there will be aspects of your life that don’t feel very desirable… and understand that this is okay. But the important thing to remember is NOT to put focus on these less desirable situations.

For example… you feel so incredibly happy when you are playing a game of tennis, or cooking a gourmet meal, or doing a craft project. Whatever it is that you love to do. Now feel that joy in your heart when you are doing something you love. And work to carry that feeling of joy with you always. If you aren’t used to feeling this way all the time, it will take some practice. Step 1 is become aware of how you feel, and changing your focus to bring that joy into your heart.

If you feel yourself becoming angry, depressed, sad because of a life situation or just the grind of daily routine… this is your ah-ha moment to recognize that you are falling out of the groove. So when you recognize that you are out of the groove, find a quiet space for yourself, and remember that feeling of joy… and feel that joy grow and grow in your heart. Or simply start doing an activity that quickly brings that feeling of joy to your heart.

So, to summarize… the child-like joy you feel in your heart is the simple secret to living life to your full potential. When you feel that incredible joy in your heart all the time, you know you are fully on track."

This is a message that I channeled from Archangel Gabriel November 22, 2010. It carries a lot of power... I hope to receive more from this wonderful angel... Sherri

"Sherri, for a long time, people on your planet have suffered in silence. They have felt like they don’t have a voice, that they are small, that they don’t matter. What I want to relay to everyone is that we are all so important… that we are all here for a very big reason.

Please tell them everywhere and often that they matter!! That they are loved… that no one is insignificant. Please tell the sick to find their faith in God. And they will find this faith by opening their hearts to the power  that lies within. For we are all God. We are all powerful. We are all filled with light. We are all part of God. We all have that spark of magic that makes anything possible. You just need to believe… you need to trust…. You need  to love. You need to live each day with purpose, with the intention of being of service to others. A smile, a helpful hand to someone in need, a good deed… small things yes, but  important. To break-free of the selfish mindset… to remember to help others…. To think of people other than yourself. It’s not enough to wish that the world can  be a better place. Every human needs to rise up and take their power…. Do their part to make this world better. Governments will not do this…  someone else won’t do it. You must do it! You must find your place. You must start working to remember why you are here. You must get off your butts and get moving!!

There is so much love for all beings on this planet. There are many, many of us watching over you… and here to help if only you THINK to ask. For we cannot intercede without your permission. We walk by your side… your silent partner. We hold your hand… we embrace you in your time of need. We are always here for you. Invite us in… and let us help you remember why you are here.

January 4th, 2011
Channeled Information to Sherri Dmyterko from the Elohim Council

Information is coming in big chunks now. It seems strange, but I ask in my mind what questions I should ask. I will get two or three questions to ask. And then the answers start to flow. This is what I received tonight....Sherri

 What is the different between the energy of love and the emotion of love?

"What is the difference between the energy of love and the emotion of love? For time eternal, love has been considered by humans as an emotion, a feeling. But let’s re-define it. In its raw form, love is a very powerful energy. Love has the ability to move a human into action like few other things. It is a very powerful exchange of energy between people, between dimensions that spurs people into action like few other things can. It is a building block of the Universe, for Love is fundamental to energy flow. There is no denying the unconditional love between Mother and Child. But what is this? This is a spiritual flow of energy, an unseen bond between two tightly connected spiritual beings. A parent looking into the eyes of a newborn child feels the pull of ‘’home.” Feels the energetic pull of a spiritual dimension that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Recognizing the energetic pull, the energetic feel of love is a fundamental key to understanding how to open the door to your spiritual-self. The more you consciously recognize the energy exchange that occurs when you feel love in your heart, the easier it will be to rise to a higher form of consciousness… and re-connect on a conscious level with your spiritual self. The problem today is a complete lack of awareness of the energetic feeling of love. When you feel great love for someone, it boosts your energy. But why? What is happening? What is happening is a crack in the doorway opens, allowing the free flow of Universal life-force energy to come in. The energy of love coming into the body is as powerful an energy as you will ever know. It is crucial for humans to understand this concept, learn to open their heart chakras… learn to recognize this feeling of love energy, and put themselves in a state of awareness to always be open to receiving this love energy. Fear, sadness, anger shut down your ability to receive love energy. The negative thoughts and feelings associated with fear and anger are the quickest way to shut off your access to love energy."

Why should we care about what is happening to our fellow man suffering in under-developed parts of the world?

"We should care because all humans are equal. No human deserves more than another. No human has the right to decide who gets this, who gets that. Human suffering is not something to accept. Human suffering is not part of the grand scheme of things. Human suffering shows a world grossly out of balance. Human suffering is your barometer for how your experiment on Earth is going. Are you happy knowing that children go hungry? Rise up and let your voice be heard! Human suffering is a very unacceptable situation on Earth. What can be done? Everyone can help. Everyone plays a role in bringing balance. Does throwing money at the situation help? Short-term, yes. Long-term, no. For the problem is an energetic imbalance. Use your energy, turn your body into a transformer. You can send the energy of love to parts of the world badly in need of balance. Go into meditation, and ask the higher beings of light to send your energy of love where it’s needed to balance, to bring peace, to stabilize parts of the world where it’s needed. If everyone does this, it will truly be amazing what can occur. Say in your mind, “Beings of Light, I ask that you direct my energy of love where it’s needed most on Planet Earth right now.” Do this one simple thing every day. It really is that easy."

 What Can We Do About the Rising Price of Food?

"It’s unfortunate, but the rising price of food is nothing but greed and corruption. But ultimately, this is a good exercise for many humans to re-think how they live. Getting back to basic, and living a simpler existence is the obvious solution. Re-learning how to grow your own food, how to store your own food, what you eat are part of the plan. The production of food has taken humans far from the soul of living in harmony with Mother Earth. It’s time to re-connect… to think about how every action you take has consequences. Maybe forcing yourself to plunge your fingers in the soil and break a sweat for every bite you eat might make you stop and think about how you are living. Empower yourself… don’t be a slave to those massive corporations that have you brain-washed to think that you can’t live without them. Break the cycle."

What is the Elohim Hoping to Accomplish?

"The Elohim is hoping to empower humans to wake-up and reach their full potential. For every human that wakes up, there is hope for hundreds, if not thousands of others to do the same. For every human that starts to question what life is all about is a victory for us, for you are feeling the stirring of something big deep within you. This is a very exciting turning point. There is much work to do…. But so much already accomplished."

January 4, 2011
Channeled Message Received by Sherri Dmyterko from the Elohim Council Today, some words of wisdom on what it takes for the Human Race to Thrive.

Why are humans still here?

"Humans are still here on Earth to carry out a very interesting and important experiment for the Universe. There is free will practiced in only small amounts. Free will is an interesting topic for many cultures. And by cultures, we mean entities throughout the Universe. Free Will is a wild card, a lack of control, a garden to cultivate the unimaginable. What can humans achieve without interference? Why are humans still here? Well, quite frankly because a lot of us are working hard all of the time to ensure you don’t blow yourself up. But for all the no-do-gooders on the planet, who carry on like spoiled brats, like out of control children, millions of you keep things in balance with your good deeds, your good thoughts, your good actions. So fear not… for every jerk, millions of you do much good to keep things in balance."

What needs to change in order for humans to succeed?

"Humans are succeeding… every day that goes by is another day of the experiment. Every day forward is yet another success… so congrat yourself on your success. What needs to change is a softening of the human condition… less focus on competition and beating down the weaker opponent… and more harmony, more cooperation. Competition is dead. Those that will succeed are those that understand the value of community, cooperation, helping each other. A kindler, gentler world these actions will create. A world of harmony, of joy, of substance…. A situation so easily attainable…. A future that is not so far off in the distance. A reality that is nearly here."


Who are the Elohim?

"We are a group of Angels… we are ancients… we have been here since the moment of creation. We travel throughout the galaxy lending support where we are needed. We are of the highest order… we are the most direct line to God. We are regal… we are powerful… we can promote great change… we offer the greatest of advice, or insight, of guidance. We are simply here to help. We only ask for a pure heart, an open mind, and cooperation in helping us to spread the messages that need to flow to the people of Earth. We are the facilitators of much good… we can lend a most powerful hand up to those who assist us. We call on only those of the most brave heart…. Of the most pure inner desire to facilitate true change among their fellow man. We are the change seekers… we are the catalyst for change. We are here to help humans move along their evolutionary path. We are simply here to help. We are God’s servants… here to help the inhabitants of Earth."


January 4, 2011
Channeled Message Received by Sherri Dmyterko from the Elohim Council

“As you guessed Sherri, your message to deliver is very simple, yet very powerful. That is simply the message of love… and you are here to teach people to open themselves up to this very powerful energy of love. With the energy of love, anything is possible. With the energy of love, people can achieve all of their loftiest goals. What is lacking in the world today is love… Fear is the predominant energy for too many. Fear is preventing so many humans from reaching their full potential. Fear is what drives the global economies. Fear is what suppresses the middle class. If you take away fear, then you allow people to blossom like a beautiful flower…. Think of the most lovely, dewy peony in your garden in summer. How you love the many petals, it’s fragrance, it’s grace and beauty. And how you marvel at how all of this beauty bursts forth from a tight bud the size of a walnut. This is the way of humans when love is allowed to flow… when fear is removed. You all have the ability to burst forth in a dazzling beauty for all to see… but unlike the flower, your beauty and splendor is NOT fleeting. Rather it grows and grows… knowing NO limits.”
January 2, 2011
Channeled Message Received by Sherri Dmyterko from the Elohim Council

"The message of love is as old as time itself. Love is one of the energetic building blocks of the Universe. The energy of Love is more powerful than most realize. But love is sadly lacking in modern times. Technology is wonderful, but it comes at an enormous expense. As humans greatly speed up their ability to communicate with others, the true essence of communication is being lost. That is the fundamental sharing of energy that comes with exchange. To feel the warm embrace of another… to hear the sound of their voice… does it not stir your soul? Do you feel this same warmth and tenderness from a text message or an e-mail? The emptiness of such communication can be hard to recognize. Do you feel the emptiness inside, the longing for more, the ache for real friendship? This is your soul calling to you to find the energy of Love. And by love we do not mean romantic encounters. The energy of love comes from face to face, real-time human contact. There is a great void in society today, and everywhere are the signs of the price you are paying. You are angry, miserable, scared, confused, lonely, sad… oh so sad. A sadness that cuts to the very core of your being. And scared… filled with a fear that paralyzes your every move. These words might seems strong, over the top, but can you identify with some of what we say? We are the Elohim…. We are on God’s right hand side…. We are here to serve you… to help you find your way. Will you listen?"